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Aao Bus Karein

Terms & Conditions

  • No money will be charged by any passenger boarding the bus. This is free bus service.
  • HDFC Bank has hired 4 electric buses from BEST for a period of 1 month ending 12th Oct and does not own the bus. The bus is operated by BEST even when hired.
  • All passengers registering for the bus or boarding the bus will board the bus at their own risk & HDFC bank shall not take any responsibility of any damage of life/property during the journey of the passenger
  • No Passenger can claim to sell tickets for the bus
  • All passengers boarding the bus give their consent and right to have their pictures/videos clicked and used for marketing collaterals by HDFC bank
  • The Staff inside the bus are hired and HDFC bank will ensure they are in best behaviour & will attend to passenger complaints but does not take ownership of any misbehaviour whatsoever
  • HDFC Bank does not take guarantee on time given as well as seat availability.